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  • Conducted a Hazardous Materials Commodity Flow Study for two cities in California.¬† Reviewed the major roadways throughout the city and examined the types and quantities of chemical transport moving through the city.
  • Used PHAST software to model the dispersion of releases from an LNG/CNG bus fueling station. Identified the hazard radius for each release in terms of jet fire, pool fire, flash fire, and explosion.
  • Managed a major comparative risk analysis of flammable liquids transport through roadway tunnels for the California Department of Transportation (CALTRANS). This study included on-site monitoring and statistical analysis of the flammable cargo traffic and alternative route selection; risk estimation using accident analysis; and consequence and structural damage assessment for the tunnels as a result of fire and explosion. Special risk matrices were developed to aid in evaluating the different risk elements.
  • Provided analytical¬†support in investigating the vulnerability of tank cars to vandalism as part of an incident investigation process involving a similar event.