System safety analysis is required for all aerospace and defense related systems. We offer a broad range of system safety related services that has evolved over many years of experience. The following is a list of capabilities that we excel in:

  • System safety training
  • System analysis using fault trees (FTA), event trees (ETA) and FMECA
  • Common cause failure modeling in the fault trees
  • Hazard and Operability Analysis (HAZOP)
  • Failure data analysis
  • Spill and dispersion analysis of highly hazardous chemicals
  • Fire and explosion analysis
  • Seismic risk and vulnerability assessment
  • External events (e.g., flooding and adverse weather conditions) risk assessment

We have the computer tools and experience to conduct specialized safety analyses. We are specifically experienced using the following computer programs:

  • CAFTA (for fault tree and event tree analysis)
  • CFAST (for fire risk analysis)
  • DEGADIS (for dense gas dispersion analysis)
  • FRANX (CAFTA post processor for dependent events)
  • PHA-Pro (for HAZOP, FMECA and LOPA)
  • PHAST (for fire, explosion and dispersion analysis)
  • PHA-Works (for HAZOP and FMECA)
  • SAPHIRE (for fault tree and event tree analysis)
  • SLAB (for dispersion analysis of toxic chemicals)