Mardy Kazarians, Ph.D.

President of Kazarians & Associates, Inc., Dr. Kazarians is a recognized expert in risk assessment, safety evaluation and risk management program development and implementation. He has conducted a large number of risk studies and safety program development and implementation. He is specifically experienced in PRA and Fire PRA for nuclear power plants, PHA for refinery units and PSM program development and implementation. He provides the technical direction and leadership of the company and assists the engineers in conducting complex, one-of-a-kind analyses. He is an experienced instructor in industry courses on a wide range of safety and risk analysis related topics. Holds an ISA 84 SIS Fundamentals Specialist Certification.

Aaron Nagayama

An engineer and safety professional with extensive management experience at large refineries and aerospace manufacturing.  He comes to Kazarians from the industry with his last position being the Manager of Risk Management and Process Safety at BP Carson Refinery, in Southern California.  He is specifically experienced in PSM program development and implementation, RMP compliance program development and implementation, health and safety management, industrial hygiene and risk management.

Steven M. Menkus, P.E.

A chemical engineer with extensive experience in regulatory compliance and environmental, health and safety auditing with emphasis on the petroleum industry. A senior associate consultant at Kazarians & Associates with over 25 years of experience working on compliance with environmental and safety requirements in the petroleum, chemical, aerospace, manufacturing, electric and water utility and TSDF industries. He is a registered professional engineer in California and a certified professional environmental auditor.

D. Kirk Busby

Mr. Busby holds his bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering. He has experience conducting Process Hazard Analyses (PHA) and Layer of Protection Analyses (LOPA) for a range of chemical industries, including a number of refinery units. He has performed analyses of different types of hazardous releases using PHAST dispersion modeling software as well as the EPA’s ALOHA modeling program. Additionally, Mr. Busby has prepared the Process Safety Management (PSM) and Risk Management (RMP) Plans for a variety of facilities which handle highly hazardous chemicals, including chlorine and aqueous ammonia.

Ariel Bautista

Mr. Bautista holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering.  He is experienced in preparing and maintaining Process Safety Management (PSM) and Risk Management Plans (RMP) for processes that involve highly hazardous substances in the chemical, municipal water and wastewater treatment, manufacturing, and food processing industries. He has worked closely with several regulatory agencies and has performed compliance audits, dispersion modeling and analysis of hazardous chemical releases.