We offer comprehensive training services to our clients. We use experts who have long-standing experience in each particular training topic. We develop lesson plans, training materials, test sheets, and recordkeeping tools for client’s use in their in-house training program.

The following is a sample of training topics offered by Kazarians & Associates, Inc.:

  • General safety training:
    – Safe work practices
    – Hazard communication
    – Respiratory equipment usage
    – Lock Out and Tag Out (LO/TO) procedures
  • Process Safety Regulations:
    – Risk Management Plan (RMP)
    – California Accidental Release Prevention (CalARP)
    – Process Safety Management (PSM)
  • System Safety and Process Hazard Analysis
  • Emergency Response Plan
  • SOP training


We have offered training courses within the U.S. and overseas as in-house sessions at our clients’ sites, and as continuing education courses through industry institutions or universities. Hundreds of professionals representing industry, regulatory agencies, and academia have participated in our courses.