Offsite Consequence Analysis (OCA)/Dispersion Modeling

The hazard distance of a release of highly hazardous material can be estimated using mathematical and empirical models. Adverse effects of a release are categorized as:

  • Explosion shock
  • Toxic gas impact
  • Fire exposure

We offer expertise, experience, and computerized tools to analyze the potential toxic, fire, or explosion impacts of releases of highly hazardous materials.


  • Conducted offsite consequence analyses for RMP and CalARP programs for a large number of systems and chemicals. Each analysis considered several release scenarios, including a worst-case scenario.
  • Analyzed the effects of fire and explosion from the release of propane, butane, and several other refinery materials. The analysis specifically addressed BLEVE, fire ball, pool fire, flame jet, unconfined vapor cloud explosion, and flame flashback. Submitted results to regulatory agencies as part of the permit application process for refinery expansion.
  • Utilized PHAST software to compute the maximum fire and explosion hazard zones for releases of LNG from a storage and fueling station.
  • Performed analysis of potential explosion scenarios related to a jet engine test cell in aerospace manufacturing.

We are specifically experienced in the application of the following computer programs:

  • SLAB