Management of Change (MOC) Support

We have developed a unique approach to updating PSM/RMP programs during major changes or new construction. We coordinate with engineering, operations, and construction management teams to ensure that all elements of the program are readied as a change is completed, and the system is ready to start up. The scope of changes addressed ranges from relatively simple modifications to complete redesigns of existing systems.


  • For a complete redesign of a chlorination system for a wastewater treatment plant, our team conducted all necessary tasks to ensure the PSM and RMP program was in place before system commissioning. A PHA was completed well in advance to allow proposed changes to be included in the final design.
  • For a water treatment facility, managed the PSM/RMP compliance efforts during the system design and construction phases. We assisted in the development and submittal of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
  • Conducted a PHA of the reconfiguration of a truck unloading valve assembly. Updates were made to SOPs, and assistance provided in the Pre-Startup Safety Review (PSSR).
  • Developed a set of instructions for the engineering department of a major water utility for including PSM/RMP elements in project management practices.