Water and Wastewater Treatment

Services Offered:

Kazarians Logo Icon WHTProcess Safety Management (PSM) and Risk Management Plan (RMP)

Kazarians Logo Icon WHTCalifornia Accidental Release Prevention (CalARP)

Kazarians Logo Icon WHTProcess Hazard Analysis (PHA)/HAZOP

Kazarians Logo Icon WHTTraining

Kazarians Logo Icon WHTProcess Safety Compliance Audit

Kazarians Logo Icon WHTManagement of Change (MOC) Support

Kazarians Logo Icon WHTStandard Operating Procedure (SOP) Development

Kazarians Logo Icon WHTCompliance with General Safety Regulations

Kazarians Logo Icon WHTInjury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP)

Kazarians Logo Icon WHTAccident and Incident Investigation

Kazarians Logo Icon WHTEmergency Response Plan/Action Plan


  • Developed comprehensive PSM/RMP programs for a large number of water and wastewater treatment facilities addressing the covered processes.
  • Facilitated Process Hazard Analyses as an integral part of every PSM, RMP, and CalARP project.
  • Performed triennial compliance audits to review the PSM/RMP Program implementation at various wastewater and potable water treatment facilities.
  • Provided incident investigation support for a large wastewater treatment facility in Southern California.  The project included interviewing facility personnel and recommending actions to reduce the likelihood of future incidents.