Ammonia Refrigeration

Services Offered:

Kazarians Logo Icon WHTProcess Safety Management (PSM) and Risk Management Plan (RMP)

Kazarians Logo Icon WHTCalifornia Accidental Release Prevention (CalARP)

Kazarians Logo Icon WHTProcess Hazard Analysis (PHA)/HAZOP

Kazarians Logo Icon WHTOffsite Consequence Analysis (OCA)/Dispersion Modeling

Kazarians Logo Icon WHTTraining

Kazarians Logo Icon WHTProcess Safety Compliance Audit

Kazarians Logo Icon WHTManagement of Change Support (MOC)

Kazarians Logo Icon WHTStandard Operating Procedures (SOP) Development

Kazarians Logo Icon WHTCompliance with General Safety Regulations

Kazarians Logo Icon WHTInjury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP)

Kazarians Logo Icon WHTAccident and Incident Investigation

Kazarians Logo Icon WHTEmergency Response Plan/Action Plan


  • Developed a comprehensive PSM, RMP and CalARP program for multiple Ammonia Refrigeration Systems in Southern, Central, and Northern California.
  • For a large cold storage distribution center, all necessary programs were developed for compliance with OSHA requirements and with the California Injury and Illness Prevention Program.  Included in the plan were respiratory protection, hazard communication, and fire prevention programs and plans.
  • Retained by a large cold storage operator to provide day-to-day facility safety management to reduce the rate of safety violations and to ensure continuous compliance with OSHA requirements. We accelerated safety committee meetings, provided personnel training, and conducted a series of Job Safety Analyses (JSAs). The number of incidences was dramatically reduced within a short time.